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What is a Charter membership?

As a member of OSR you will find limitless opportunities and RV adventures for you and your family to remember for a lifetime. As part of our family, you're connected with thousands of avid RV travelers who enjoy their favorite pastimes every chance they get. Whether you crave adventure through exciting water destinations, touring through the slopes of our wilderness trails, take pleasure in the abundance of hunting and fishing or simply dream of a peaceful escape in a serene setting, you’re sure to create lasting memories for a lifetime.

Our goal is to constantly provide our members and their guests with a premier vacation experience. We are committed to the highest level of hospitality in exceptionally maintained resorts. We continually strive for outstanding personalized service, involvement in our communities and exceeding expectations with enthusiasm and integrity in the care of our members.

The staff at OSR are experts in creating a welcoming environment for road travelers and are skilled at providing activities for everyone to enjoy. So if you are searching for from which to choose, maybe this year it’s the desert and next year in the mountains, or a fishing trip this year and beach excursion the next then make the decision today to meet with a representative of OSR. The fabulous amenities, quality and wide diversity at OSR, plus the ease of making reservations are great member benefits.

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  • • Access to members-only rates to hundreds of campgrounds throughout the US, Canada and Mexico
  • • Discount travel services that come with some memberships, including road services, discount hotels and air fare
  • • Enjoy discounts as much as $9 nightly stay rates at any of the affiliated campgrounds
  • • Safer environments, security and peace of mind that come with private resorts vs public venues
  • • Numerous resort amenities and access to private facilities not available to non-members
  • • Planned activities such as bbq's, tournaments, concerts, wine tasting, festivities and more
  • • Consistently clean facilities. Both employees and members take pride in the resort, and work hard to make sure it meets the highest standards
  • • Access to quality facilities. Participating resorts must be rated. Resorts that do not meet the specified standards of quality are removed from the system
  • • Easy reservations with many network resorts offering mobile apps to help you connect and save time

Forms & Rules

  • Charter membership

    Full access to all resort services and facilities, including memberships to other programs.
  • Limited membership

    This is a part-time access with limited days of use but still able to join other networks.
  • Rules & regulations

    As with any campground we have rules and regulations to make your stay more enjoyable.